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Personalized Care for All Your Accounting Needs

Castellano & Associates was established to include a financial planning service integrated with quality tax planning and preparation. We offer financial planning to all clients with an emphasis on tax savings. Our goal is to assist clients in obtaining long term gains by optimizing investment and tax savings opportunities. Castellano & Associates is a fee based planner and will not sell investments with built-in commission or financial rewards for the firm. The client’s best interest is the only goal at our firm. We also offer pension consulting services to our clients. We will review pension options and assist with recommending appropriate plans to meet our clients’ goals.

Castellano & Associates does not maintain custody of your assets that are managed. We recommend that our clients use Charles Schwab & Co, Inc., a registered broker-dealer, member SPIC, as the qualified custodian. Castellano & Associates is independently owned and operated and is not affiliated with Schwab. Schwab will hold your assets in a brokerage account and buy and sell securities when we place trades. While we recommend that you use Schwab as custodian/broker, you will decide whether to do so, and you will open your account with Schwab by entering into an account agreement directly with them. For more information on our financial planning services, call today to schedule a free consultation

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